Our Story

Valos Creative is an artistic journey by a visionary Finnish couple based in Dublin, Ireland.

We explore the world of beauty through synergy of photography and makeup combining our talents in multiple dimensions. Years of expertise, passion and curiousity towards arts is our secret of committing to produce high quality images and visualize stories of beauty in its all forms.

Eve Valos


Makeup Artist & Designer-Stylist

Makeup is a medium to convey magic and tell stories of extraordinary beauty in colours, shapes and textures on a face. A method to include art into everyday being which is about expression and transformation.

Arts have been consistently part of my road since I was a kid wether it was about drawing, painting, multimedia and the sorts. Makeup started as a hobby aside with my designer-stylist studies in university of applied sciences in 2011. Somewhere along the way makeup became a calling which determined to become my profession. Since 2014 makeup has taken me on a captivating expedition to cosmetics industry, photoshoots, video projects and entertainment industry. Valos Creative is my latest endeavor to share my artistry with the world.

Aside from makeup I am a wanderluster of the world, a definite book lover as well as a devotee in electronic music events and an enthusiast of the realm of magic and tarot readings.

XAMK, BA of Culture and Arts, Designer-stylist (2017)
Stadin Aikuisopisto, Vocational Qualification of
Performance and Theatre Techniques in Makeup (2018)


Photographer & Retoucher

My journey in arts started in elementary school with Marvel comic books and immediately trying to draw the characters. A few years later I discovered Photoshop and got into designing and coding websites.

After graduating from art school as a Photographer and Graphic Designer in 2004 I focused on advertising and UI & UX Design which turned into a day job in 2007. From 2010-2022 I worked as an Art Director and Creative Director at a digital agency Karhu Helsinki. In January 2023 we relocated to Dublin, Ireland where I'm currently working as a Senior UI Designer.

In photography I'm focusing in advanced studio flash photography lighting techniques for beauty and fashion images and product shots.

While visual things are both my work and hobbies I also like to compose and produce music. Currently I'm making Synthwave as Runaway Droid.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Graphic Designer (2006, incomplete)
Riveria, Media Assistant of Graphic Design & Photography (2001-2004)


Published Work

Drama in Monochrome - MOB JOURNAL: Volume Forty Issue #28

Scarlet Spark - GMARO Magazine: December 2023 Issue #25

Face it - GRANDEUR LIFE MAGAZINE: Fashion March Vol 17 | 2023

Enlighten the Marrow  - ARTELLS Magazine: Beauty December 2022 (Vol 750)
MARIKA Magazine: Beauty (Issue 2486 - July 2022)

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Momentum - GMARO Magazine: September 2022 Issue #29

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LYBELL Magazine 2022 Best of Awards Finland

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Reflections - Beautica Magazine Open Theme: November 2021 Issue #1

The Seasons of Makeup - IMIRAGEmagazine Lavish: November: #1188

Space Expedition - Top Posters Magazine: Fineart: November Vol 693

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